An introduction

Emily.  You’re starting another blog!?  I don’t mean to be rude, or to rain on your parade, or to be the pessimist, or realist, or the VOICE OF FUCKING REASON, but REALLY!?  ANOTHER blog!?  You have 2 Tumblrs on which you waste lots of time.  You have another WordPress which you started with the intent of posting anything and everything that popped into your head.  Succeeded in that for a time, but overall sketchy and inconsistent.  I know you want to write!  I know you want to blog!  But I also know you have a really hard time establishing a place and STICKING with it.  You do the Tumblr thing for funsies, and you have that personal blog, but you crave something solid, something consistent, yet you don’t want to feel tied-down or restricted in the space you create.  So WHAT DO YOU DO!?!?!?  YOU START ANOTHER BLOG!?!?!?

Yes.  I have started another blog.  And this is it!  Rose Read.  (I’m so clever, I know!)  For literary thoughts and things.  My compulsive blogging has been the source of much inner debate, if you couldn’t already tell.

I just love to write.  So much.  But I’m not the novelist, I’m the blogger.  I’m the pick-up-a-random-thought-and-go-on-about-it-in-a-concise-entry type writer.  So yeah, here’s to doing that some more.  And hopefully establishing something that sticks.

Here goes something!


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