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Friendship and bookstores, from Prairie Lights to City Lights

Iowa City, Iowa. The location of the infamous Iowa Writer's Workshop. Also the location of Prairie Lights Bookstore, a charming, 3-story bookstore (with coffee shop) where I reunited with a friend I hadn't seen in over a year. Both being book lovers, and Iowa City being (kinda, sorta, actually not at all) equidistant from our… Continue reading Friendship and bookstores, from Prairie Lights to City Lights

Book reviews

Review: The Underground Storyteller

The Underground Storyteller by Alex Day. Alex Day, 2014. The concept of this book can be summed up very quickly: A guy decided that he wanted to stop at every single station on the London Underground and wrote a book about his experience. As you may or may not know, Alex Day is a famous… Continue reading Review: The Underground Storyteller

Book Events

Printer’s Row 2015

Chicago had a great day for Printer's Row 2015 on Saturday - the largest outdoor lit fest in the Midwest! This is my second year going, and it was equally as awesome as the first. But I didn't go to any of the events this time; I just spent hours upon hours browsing through the… Continue reading Printer’s Row 2015