Rose Recommends: October | “Other People”

“This “Rose Recommends” is a short one, for a few very exciting reasons:

Reason 1: I was recently hired on as a content intern for! I haven’t been waving my Harry Potter flag very much on this blog, but suffice to say that this is probably one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me. Like, that shit was my homepage for years (SQUEEE!). However, this also means that I’ll be devoting a bit less time to this blog and reading in general, what with that other thing that I do which requires grading mountains of papers and planning mountains of lessons…you know, my job.

Reason 2: Despite the diminishing time I will have for blogging, I’m actually going to have quite a bit to blog about in the near future. I will be attending NerdCon: Stories this weekend (DOUBLE SQUEEE!), where I will be listening to tons of awesome authors talk about tons of awesome topics and hopefully go to some signings, meet some cool people, etc. Later this month, I’m going to a Rainbow Rowell/David Levithan event, too (TRIPLE SQUEEE!) so there’s another post! So lots to do coming up quick!

So, here’s my very short October recommendation:

It’s called “Other People” by Neil Gaiman, and you can actually read it for free right here.

I chose this story for October not only because of my current need for something short, but because it’s a very scary story. Like a lot of Neil Gaiman’s stuff, it’s not scary in the traditional “horror” sense of the word. But I will never forget how I felt the first time I read it. Very few things have given me such chills as this short story. Being someone who doesn’t really have any particular vision of what the afterlife might be, this one chills my bones to be sure. It’s a brilliantly written story and you should go read it. Right now. Happy October!

One of my bookshelves, looking festive.

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