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Beasts I want to see in “Fantastic Beasts”

As you know, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is being made into a movie trilogy written by J.K. herself. The first images of the film were released today, so I thought I’d do a post about it. (Also, the movie comes out on my birthday! Which is not the first time that’s happened with an HP movie. Thanks, Warner Bros.!) The movie is set in New York in the year 1926. Knowing that, most of the beasts on my list probably won’t be in the film due to where they live, but I wanted to make this list anyway, cause how cool would it be to see these on film? Of the 75 in the book, here are 9 beasts I want to see on film:

  1. Augurey – also known as the Irish Phoenix, this is a greenish-black bird resembling an underfed vulture whose cries are said to be a harbinger of death (but are actually just a harbinger of rain). I’m a sucker for darkly misunderstood creatures.
  2. Billywig – basically a bright blue Australian top. It has wings which make it spin so fast that it is almost invisible. If you get stung by one, you will suffer from “giddiness and levitation.”
  3. Crup – this is a dog for wizards. It’s a Jack Russell Terrier with a forked tail that loves wizards and hates Muggles No-Majs (Also, NO-MAJ? REALLY!?). Magical man’s best friend!
  4. Erkling – a German elfish creature that attacks children. I’m imagining something straight out of the Brothers Grimm.
  5. Fwooper – an African bird with crazy colorful plumage whose song will literally drive people insane.
  6. Jarvey – an overgrown ferret. Who can talk.
  7. Jobberknoll – a tiny blue bird who is silent until the moment of its death, when it screams out every sound it has ever heard, backwards.
  8. Mooncalf – I have to quote this one directly in order to describe it properly: “Its body is smooth and pale grey, it has bulging round eyes on top of its head, and four spindly legs with enormous flat feet.” It also dances at the full moon, which is apparently quite the sight to see.
  9. Nundu – said to be the most dangerous of beasts. A giant leopard who moves silently and whose breath wipes out entire villages. Bad. Ass.
If you marvel at J.K. Rowling’s creativity in the Harry Potter series, pick up a copy of “Fantastic Beasts” and you’ll be reminded all over again just how crazy amazing she is. All hail the queen!

5 thoughts on “Beasts I want to see in “Fantastic Beasts””

  1. I definitely laughed at the whole No-Maj thing. Really? Haha…Iʻm sure the American wizards could have come up with something much better than No-Maj! Ah well…

    I need to re-read Fantastic Beasts sometime soon. I think Iʻm going to ask for the Hogwartʻs Library set for Christmas…I havenʻt owned those books in a while.

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