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Reflections on NaBloPoMo

It is done! This is the LAST day of NaBloPomo! I will admit, it feels like a small weight has been lifted, but I am glad I participated. I have learned that I am definitely not a daily blogger.

My biggest problem was finding the time to post every day, since some of my posts can take up to 2 hours to complete. I do a lot of editing and revising through my writing process, and longer posts can take a long time. Sometimes I even like to sleep on a post and come back to it the next day with a fresh brain and finish it up then. But you can’t do that with NaBloPoMo unless you queue up your posts, which I only did about 2 times throughout the month.

That being said, it was a good challenge as a writer to break out of those comfort zones. Obviously NaBloPoMo (like NaNoWriMo) isn’t supposed to yield perfection. I am very much the perfectionist, especially when it comes to my writing; if it’s not the exact way I want it, I won’t post it. NaBloPoMo forced me away from that tendency a bit, which is a positive thing.

I would say that around the half-way point, it began to seem like a bit of a chore. Days 1-15 were great, proving I could blog every day. But once I got to about day 15, it was something I was forced to do, rather than something I wanted to do. Which I think is a similar phenomenon that happens to some who turn their passions into their jobs – they cease to be passions and become jobs.

I’m glad I did NaBloPoMo; it was fun. But I am also glad it’s over and I can go back to posting whatever I want whenever I want. I’m glad I met some new bloggers and got some new ideas! I’m definitely thinking of participating again next year. But for now, I am signing off, and will be back on whenever my whimsy strikes me. Thanks to everyone who read my posts (especially mom, who is the best)! It’s been challenging and fun. See you all round the blog sometime!


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