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International Fanworks Day!

Hey everyone! It’s International Fanworks Day!

Fanwork (noun): a creative work produced by one or more fans, generally intended for other fans. A common defining phrase used in fandom is “by fans for fans,” or something similar, though this definition might incorporate other fan activity as well.

The Harry Potter Alliance reminded me today that it is International Fanworkds Day – a day to celebrate and spread the importance of fanworks! Fans and creators of fan fiction, fan art, fan video, fan music, fan whatever, rejoice! This day is for all of us!

You can visit Fan Works Are Fair Use to learn more about the issues facing those who create and consume fanworks and how you can join the fight against negative stereotypes and for the continuation of our right to create fanworks. As an active member of the Harry Potter fandom, I understand the importance of fanworks in creating communities that bring people together and offer creative outlets to those wanting a place for their work. So I ask you to share your favorite fan work with the internet today to encourage people to share, watch, read, and create!

Here is my current favorite sort-of-fanwork, a film called “I Ship It.” I say “sort-of” because it is an original film, but the plot is about a couple who write and perform wizard rock, my personal favorite form of fanwork! The songs from this film are some of my new favorite wizard rock songs. The film is one of my favorite things on the internet and I want to share it with you today because it is perfect for celebrating International Fanworks Day:


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