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Haul of Excitement

It’s time for a short haul! I went to the Barnes and Noble B-Fest yesterday to see if I could get some free stuff, and I did! I ended up wining the YA trivia challenge! I was only competing with one other person, and we tied with a score of 21, and then I won the tie-breaker round by 1 point. She was actually a teenager, so I felt a little bad about it, but she did get a tote bag for coming in 2nd. Am I a terrible person? Here’s the excellent prize I got:

b-fest haul first in line

The B-Fest booklet, bookmark, and sticker were free to all B-Fest attendees, but the tote, book, and card up top were my prize. The book is an ARC of David Arnold’s Kids of Appetite, which comes out this September. I read Mosquitoland a few months ago and really liked it, so I’m psyched to read this one! The card allows me a one-year VIP membership to Penguin Random House’s “First in Line,” which basically means that they are going to send me 5-6 more ARCs this year! Hence “Haul of Excitement.”

I also purchased a few books from the store, including Noelle Stevenson’s Nimona and a new collection of non-fiction from Neil Gaiman, The View from the Cheap Seats. The other book, I Work at a Public Library, was a parting gift from my co-workers at the school where I taught (because I’m now, you guessed it, working in a public library). They also gave me a gift card with which I purchased the other 2, so I included it all in one pic:

haul small

They also gave me some adorable book socks. My co-workers are the best and I will miss them dearly.


I’m going to Printer’s Row Lit Fest tomorrow, so I will have a haul and wrap-up about that event soon! Lots of excitement!


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