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I got sorted in the loser house

The Ilvermorny house sorting quiz came out today.

And I got sorted in the loser house.

I don’t know what to think about this.

I tried 5 different emails.

3 of which sorted me in the loser house.

The evidence that I belong in the loser house is incontrovertible.

I will now grapple with this identity crisis in a blog post.

For those of you who are confused, J.K. Rowling released on Pottermore today the backstory about Ilvermorny, which is the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in North America. Massachusetts to be exact. (Of course it’s in Massachusetts. Massachusetts….)

The story itself is really cool and you should totally go read it. Released along with the story was a sorting quiz for the school, which also has four houses: Horned Serpent, Wampus, Thunderbird, and Pukwudgie. Three guesses as to which one is the loser house…

Each house, according to Jo, corresponds loosely to a part of the body and has characteristics to match. Here they are:

  • Horned Serpent: the brain house; scholars
  • Wampus: the body house; warriors
  • Thunderbird: the soul house; adventurers
  • Pukwudgie: the heart house; healers

You might already in your mind be trying to equate these to Hogwarts houses, as many people on the internet are doing. If you were to do that, most are agreeing that Horned Serpent = Ravenclaw, Wampus = Gryffindor, Thunderbird = Slytherin, and Pukwudgie = Hufflepuff. Naturally, the Griffindor and Slytherin equations are the ones most debatable because Griffindor and Slytherin houses are similar anyway (as discussed many a time in the Harry Potter books), so your guess is as good as mine as to which is which.

But I don’t want to look at these houses as Hogwarts equivalents because they are different. It is a different school in a different country in a different culture. Yes, some of them may seem like dead ringers (Ravenclaw/Horned Serpent), but I think it’s better to consider this as something totally new, even though it’s obviously tempting to compare them to the only frame of reference we have.

As I was reading the descriptions of each house in the story, my first instinct was to place myself in Horned Serpent, because I am a proud Ravenclaw. I was sorted into Ravenclaw originally back in the beta version of Pottermore, again in the new version of Pottermore, and I even double-checked with this quiz, which compiles all the possible questions on the site just to be extra sure. But more importantly, I just feel as if I identify with the Ravenclaw house, and, as I will repeat later, this is what truly matters.

But considering that these houses are not direct equivalents to the houses of Hogwarts, I reconsidered. Thunderbird definitely sounded the most appealing to me as someone who has a wild imagination, loves to travel and wander and explore, and believes that there is some sort of soul that resides in all of us. Also, how cool is the name!? I want to be a Thunderbird!

But then I took the test. Pukwudgie. PUKWUDGIE!?


You can’t help but judge Pukwudgie as the loser house. I mean, it’s called Pukwudgie. All the other houses sound cool and bad-ass. Pukwudgie sounds like puke-wedgie.

The houses were named after the founders’ favorite magical creatures. Pukwudgie was named by the Muggle (the Muggle!) who helped found the school because he couldn’t think of a good name for the last house and thought the Pukwudgie creature he knew, William, was funny dude, so he named the house after him. There is absolutely nothing cool about that story. Pukwudgies as creatures are not exactly the most interesting either; they are goblin-like/hedgehog-like beings who really don’t like humans so they shoot poison arrows at them. The arrow thing is admittedly cool, but when compared to the Thunderbird, the Pukwudgie sucks.

I took the test again. Pukwudgie. Then again. Wampus. Then again. Pukwudgie. Then again. Horned Serpent. Not a Thunderbird in sight.

The above results attest to the fact that taking a Pottermore quiz on the site is not exactly reliable, which is why I took that compiled version I mentioned before for the Hogwarts sorting. I’m sure a compiled version of the Ilvermorny quiz will surface soon, too, as well as a detailed examination of the questions. But taking a quiz on the internet certainly would not compare to having a Sorting Hat (or in Ilvermorny’s case, carvings of the four creatures) look into your very mind and soul.

Which brings me back to my point: you are who you identify with. As we know, the Sorting Hat sometimes lets you choose, and apparently Ilvermorny lets you choose way more often than Hogwarts! I don’t think Pukwudgie was completely off for me, to be fair. I am someone who thinks with my heart over my head, and I love helping people. If we’re comparing to Hogwarts, Hufflepuff was always my second option for Hogwarts house; I’m a Hufflepuff supporter through and through. So I’m warming up to the fact that I just might be a Pukwudgie. But I’d like to think that if I were a witch (and of school age) ((and, you know, if none of this was fictional)), I’d get a choice.

The thing that makes it especially hard to judge at this point is that we know very little about these houses; after all, Thunderbirds might be complete a-holes. We don’t know any of the characters who belong to these houses or any further detail about them like we do Hogwarts. Maybe more of this will come to light in the Fantastic Beasts films, which is, after all, why Pottermore is slowly releasing this information: to hype the movie.

So, I’m going to hold off my ultimate verdict until I know more. But for now, it seems as if I’m a Ravenwudgie.

What about you? What houses do you think you belong in? Any Pottermore identity crisis stories to share?


UPDATE: Lots of fan theories have now surfaced about the houses (of course), and the wonderful Eric Scull posted this, which eases all of my worries and basically makes my whole identity crisis unnecessary.



51 thoughts on “I got sorted in the loser house”

  1. We are fellow house buddies, yaay! Don’t say it’s the loser house, it breaks my Huffludgie heart lol
    When I first took the test in Pottermore I was a Ravenclaw, but since then I’ve changed and I used to say I was Ravenpuff, but this was very telling, I’m a proud Huffludgie now (…ignore the horrible name please).

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  2. I cracked up reading this – it was my same reaction!! I completely identify with Ravenclaw and was choking when Pukwudgie was shown as my house. The overlay definitely helps – and trying to view them as parallel houses. Great read – thanks!

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      1. I’ve been googling for the past hour – Pukclaws (Ravenwudgies?) around the world are going “What the..?” Like you said – I admit I do like to help people and would make a better healer than auror, sooo.. Pukwudgies Unite!! (P.U. for short.. 😉).

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  3. I was sorted into Thunderbird, which I didn’t really get. I’m consistently sorted in Ravenclaw (and if I had to pick a second House, it’d probably be Hufflepuff), so I’m not sure where this came from. But I also agree we don’t actually know that much about the new Houses, so maybe it’s ok? :/ I tell myself I’d be accepted into multiple Houses and would get to pick. :p


    1. Yeah, it’s cool that you seem to get more of a choice at Ilvermorny, according to the article. I feel like most people are a mix of multiple things anyway, so it’s always hard to land on one!


      1. Exactly! I guess theoretically the Sorting Hat is supposed to give you a bit of a choice, since it sort o gave Harry one, but it’s not that visible when it happens so we’re left assuming the sorting process if pretty straightforward for a lot of students.

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  4. Hahahah everything about this post had me cracking up. Be proud of your house!! Also because I’m a PROUD hufflepuff, I resent that you said Pukwudgie was the loser house and then equated it to Hufflepuff (; We are AWESOME and tolerant and loyal over at Hufflepuff and JK Rowling herself has said it’s the best house. Anyway, I kid (sort of, I am a very proud Hufflepuff). I got the Horned Serpent, which puts me not even close to Hufflepuff on the graphic so now I don’t know what to think!

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    1. Hahaha yeah I was definitely being cheeky when I called it the loser house; I have a weird, self-deprecating sense of humor lol. As I said, I’m a Hufflepuff supporter even though I’m not in Hufflepuff – they are awesome! 🙂 Yeah, a lot of people are confused about their houses, haha, I hope we learn more about them when the movie comes out!

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    1. Oh, that is an interesting interpretation, thanks for sharing! Though they didn’t mention Hufflepuff anywhere, hmmm. Yeah I think it’s best to just treat it as a totally separate/new system, even though it’s tempting to compare.


      1. Interesting bit on a hypable page- Hogwarts is one side of your coin, Ilvermorny is the other. A comment was “The sorting hat judges on your personality.
        But Ilvermorny is about your true soul, it judges you on your use and intentions for magic!”

        This ties to the overlay example. So while a Ravenclaw/Pukwudgie may be a bookworm who loves to learn, they want to use their magic and skills to help/heal others. (Professor Flitwick comes to mind- his later career was to help students learn). While a Ravenclaw/Thunderbird may be very intelligent, they want to use magic to get ahead – e.g. Lockhart’s ambition to be famous.

        While definitely viewing them separately is the sane choice, it is so much fun to ponder!

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      2. Once posted, realize Flitwick may not be the best example…since a professor is a scholar..:) and for any ThunderClaws – no offense with the Lockhart reference; we all know some Ravenclaws are mental/bananas.

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  5. I did the quiz last night and got sorted into Thunderbird, but I didn’t look at the (vague) info about the houses until afterwards. My original house is Gryffindor, so if Thunderbird is similar to Slytherin that’s a bit of a shock haha! But then again like you say, the similarities between Slytherin/Gryffindor are repeatedly mentioned in the books. Plus I love adventuring, like you, so I’m okay with it. 😊 I think unfortunately the name Pukwudgie is a really bad name for the house, which actually sounds pretty cool and a lot like Hufflepuff. I agree it sounds like puke wedgie, though! 😂 I think your two houses are probs just trying to tell you that you have a big heart and a big brain, which is awesome! Also thanks for sharing that Reddit article – so cool! 😊


    1. Aww, thanks! Haha, yeah I think it’s hard to equate them because they look for slightly different traits than at Hogwarts; Thunderbird/Gryffindor is a great combo! Hopefully the crazy person who put together that Reddit post will do one for Ilvermorny!

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      1. No worries! Exactly. Also that Mugglenet FB post you shared rings really true, to me that diagram makes loads of sense! Haha I hope it is – we’ll have to wait and see as more content comes out. 😊 One thing I did love was the sorting ceremony though, sounds so cool!

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  6. Thank you for voicing exactly how I’ve been feeling about this!! I’ve actually been more upset than I should be about being Pukwudgie, but as a proud Ravenclaw with a loving soul I wasn’t too happy at being in a house named after a curmudgeonly, poison-arrow bearing, human disliker, goblin thing. 😦 What can I say, it genuinely upset me. It’s true I would use magic to help others, so that little comment has helped, although with no vocation except ‘healer’ it felt very narrow and prescriptive. And I’ve actually had a negative pattern of helping everyone else at my own expense in the past, so the message that my value is just in helping others taps into my own sensitivity to being a bit invisible unless I’m making someone else’s life nice. Ravenclaw has actually helped me step back from that and celebrate/tend to my own heart first, the heart of a writer, a philosopher, an observer, etc!

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    1. I absolutely know how you feel about helping people at your own expense; I’ve been there too. It sounds like we are very similar! I’m hoping to get more info about the house to make more sense of it, or at least just admit the quiz was rubbish haha


      1. I definitely see a pattern- I’m a Ravenwudgie who is same way with helping others at my own expense. Despite the name that I still can’t say with a straight face – very happy to see others with the same traits in the same house – it appears consistent 🙂 Pukwudgies Unite!

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  7. Well I actually disagree with you- it doesn’t sound like the loser house! I’m not gonna lie, I normally see Hufflepuff as a bit sad, but this house doesn’t sound bad at all- what’s not to like about heart and healers? The only problem is the stupid name 😉

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  8. I’m glad by the end of your post you accepted Pukwudgie! My fall back choice was actually Pukwudgie if I didn’t get into Horned Serpent as it just seems like a cool, Hufflepuffy house. I’m still kind of peeved about not being sorted into The Horned Serpent but the image at the end kind of gives me more peace as if I wasn’t a Ravenclaw, then I would definitely be a Slytherin or Gryffindor and the Wampus incorporates both!

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  9. For Hogwarts House I’m a Slytherin and for Ivermorny I’m Pukwudgie – work that one out!
    Though I’m not gonna lie I was really touched when William came and rescued the family when she called out his name (granted she was calling for her father but he didn’t know that and showed up all the same).

    Still trying to work out the correlation between Slytherin and Pukwudgie though.. it’s an interesting combo for sure!

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  10. Haha I’m a Gryffindor Pukwudgie if you can imagine 😂 What I find interesting is that the Hogwarts houses are adjectives and the Ilvermorny houses are nouns, so I guess I’m a brave healer! And Pukwudgies in myth and Wizarding World lore are pretty cool. Plus, Pukwudgie gets Queenie Goldstein, so we win 😂

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