Updates on MuggleNet and blogging

Hello blogaroos!

It’s been a slow month on the blog – grad school is a lot of work, guys. But aaaaactually, I’m finished with one of my classes now, so I’ve got a chunk back of free time that I can spend on blogging and pleasure reading! Hooraaaaaay!

This free time opened up last week, so instead of posting on the blog right away, I decided to store some drafts for the coming month of November….which is NaBloPoMo, of course!

NaBloPoMo is the blogging equivalent of NaNoWriMo, which if you don’t know what that is by now, welcome to the internet! It’s a pretty big and magical place where everyone loves each other and no one is an asshole. Also there’s a thing called NaNoWriMo, check it out.

So in my cheating, conniving ways, I’ve neglected the last few weeks of October so as to BARRAGE you* all in November with one post per day. (None of the posts are completed yet, so it’s totally NOT cheating.) MWAHAHAHA.

Dr. Horrible evil laugh

Is anyone else doing Na__Mo? Or now incredibly inspired to do it because of my vague yet exciting description of Na__Mo? Let me know, yo!

The other thing I wanted to update ya’ll about is MuggleNet business. As you may or may not know, I am a staffer at, the world’s #1 Harry Potter…blah blah blah….you know the site. It’s cool. I work on it.

Because I’ve been doing more writing for MuggleNet lately, I wanted to post about it on here that it is a thing and that you should all check it out. I have a few posts that originated on this blog and several others that are only on MuggleNet, including one about Umbridge and another about the meaning of your Patronus (the latter of which is for our new satirical column). Also, a recurring series I’ve started is the Wizard Rock Spotlight, in which I feature a different wrock band each month, with interviews! I got to interview Harry and the Potters, guys! That’s like nerd status right there!

I’ve added a link on my sidebar so you can look at my MuggleNet writing at any time – I probably won’t be posting updates on here so as to avoid being a lil’ bitch about it and spamming up yer grills. But right now I’ll promote the shit out of it and then go away.





Ok bye.

See you in 5 days.

*and by “you,” I mean you, reading this, really don’t have to read every post I write in November, cause let’s be real, ain’t nobody got time for that. I’m really just blogging every day in November because it is personally fulfilling and in no way do I expect anyone to ever read any, let alone all my posts. I just like writing.


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