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IT’S NABLOPOMO! (and this post is gonna wander)


The one month of the year when I decide to do a blog post every day! What is this madness!?

Right now I am currently sitting at my desk at work, streaming the Cubs game and trying to look like nothing out of the ordinary is happening. (I work at a library, so by “desk” I mean the public help desk, so the trying-to-look-like-nothing-out-of-the-ordinary-is-happening thing is a challenge, ESPECIALLY WHEN ADDISON RUSSEL HITS A GRAND SLAM AND IT IS NOW 7 TO 0 IN THE 3RD INNING).

I honestly have no idea what to write about today – I had planned to do a “welcome to NaBloPoMo” post, but I pretty much already covered that in my last post, soooooo.


Here we are.

Day 1.


I promise I have like 20 drafts already with ideas for the remainder of the month (which is really a promise to myself from myself rather than to anyone reading this. You can do this, self!). But I’m feeling particularly open to new things today, so I *GASP* might not write about books today. Maybe I’ll even write more non-book-related posts at certain points during this month. What I want to know is, dear reader, how do you feel about that?

Honestly: if I were to post non-bookish things, would you be interested? Please be candid – don’t give me any of this overly-polite-blogger-comment malarkey, I want your Gods honest opinion. (Aside: I’m considering writing a post about how BookPressers are too nice in their comments to voice strong opinions.) So do let me know, won’t you?

Cut to 11:09 PM, the Cubs have won and are headed to game 7 of the World Series (WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!?) and I have 51 minutes to post this before I fail at NaBloPoMo on Day 1. This seems like a good time to wax philosophical on the nature of my blog.

I’ve never really posted a blog post on Rose Read that has not fallen under the umbrella of what I consider bookish things. The whole reason why this blog has lasted 3.5 years is because I have one theme (books…you know, in case you didn’t know that) instead of just a vague blog-about-my-life blog, which I tried and failed at a few times before discovering the problem: lack of a focus.

But now I’ve started to feel like I want to write about more things. I have thoughts about things other than books (SURPRISE!) and it’d be cool to have a place to share them. Thing is, I wonder that if I start posting about anything and everything that my blog will fail again because I’ll lose focus and defeat the entire purpose of Rose Read in the first place. Or have I built a solid enough foundation now that it shouldn’t matter? I guess there’s only one way to find out.

So the non-bookish thing I want to share right now is my completely bad-ass Halloween costume, cause why not. I want you all to see it cause I’m super freaking proud of it. Boom.

No, I am not Amelia Earhart, but Jillian Holtzmann from the new Ghostbusters movie that came out this summer. She’s the one on the far right played by Kate McKinnon:


Pretty good, no?

So I’ve pretty much become obsessed with this movie/character/actress because of how incredibly bizarre and hilarious she is. If you haven’t seen the movie, she’s essentially the mad scientist character of the bunch and she is fantastic and absolutely nuts. And I love her. I even bought a fucking Funko.

I was all bummed out when I had to turn back into my normal self after Halloween. Like…empty. Maybe that sounds silly. This isn’t the first time I’ve felt bummed at returning to real life – it’s a similar feeling to being in a theater show that ends or just plain realizing that your real life is nowhere near as awesome as you’d like it to be – whether you wish you could go to wizard school, fly at light speed, or battle ghosts with proton guns, sometimes it sucks to escape into a reality and then have it end.

I felt so happy and confident when dressed as a crazy-ass mother fucker, partially because she represents a weirdness in me that I’m typically afraid to let show. My sadness at going back to normal Emily might mean I should start letting go of whatever self-consciousness may hold me back from just being the person I want to be. It’s cool that fictional characters can teach you things about yourself, and dressing as one sure as hell does, too.

This post wandered to so many places, but it’s 11:44 sooooooo


See you for Day 2.


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