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NaBloPoMo day 2!

This is gonna be a short post because it’s a heavy homework day and I have to write a paper. ‘Lez go.

Basically I want to share a cool thing with you that my library did this past month. We had a staff #Bookface contest that is now open to public voting.

What is #Bookface, you ask? Do a quick Google image search and you will see some absolutely brilliant examples of people matching up books to their faces (or other body parts, or dogs, or inanimate objects, or what have you).

It’s become kind-of a thing for libraries to hold these contests, and my library has now jumped on that train, too. Here’s my entry:


Go and check out the rest of the entries and vote for your favorite! And by favorite I mean mine.

The top 3 entries  get a prize, but I’m much more interested in bragging rights. I’m currently tied for second place.

Vote for me.

K thanx bye.


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