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Social media fails: Litsy & Bloglovin’



Today I’m going to talk to you about failure. Of the social media platform variety. Specifically regarding my personal use (or lack thereof) of the platforms Litsy and Bloglovin’ and why I think I failed, or rather, they failed me.

From what I know, both Litsy and Bloglovin’ are successful social media platforms in that they have large, solid user bases, and those who use them really enjoy them and therefore continue to use them. I tried using both in recent months, and neither worked out for me. I know lots of book bloggers use both of these platforms, so I thought it could be interesting to discuss each and get some feedback from ya’ll about your use (or lack thereof) Litsy and/or Bloglovin’.


Bloglovin’ I started in January of 2016. I was drawn to the platform for a few reasons. The first was to be able to follow bloggers on platforms other than WordPress and to have everyone on one reader feed. This would allow me to broaden what I read and have a nice, organized way of managing the blogs I follow. The second reason was to increase my own blog’s reach to those who don’t have WordPress or to those who use Bloglovin’ as their main portal. But it failed.

I think I probably gained a follower or two from joining Bloglovin’, and I am keeping my account for those people who do use it as a reader so that my posts are accessible on it. But after using the reader on Bloglovin’ for a few months, I switched back to the WordPress reader. Why? Well, partially for comfort reasons: I’m used to WordPress, and I like the reader interface, so Imma use it. But also because not every blog is accessible through Bloglovin’s feed. If a blogger doesn’t have a Bloglovin’ account, you are able to add their blog to your feed. Or so they say. I had too much trouble adding bloggers to Bloglovin’, and when I came back to WordPress, I realized my Bloglovin’ feed wasn’t showing me all the posts from WordPress. What’s up with that? Did I do something wrong, or is this just the way of the world?

The other reason it failed for me is that I like having everything all in one place. WordPress allows me to have my blog and my reader all on one site, instead of having to switch between the two during blog time. I do really like the interface of Bloglovin’s reader; I like how you can view the person’s actual blog and have the nav bar at the top to page through the other posts on your feed. But ultimately, the kinks I had in following people and the convenience of WordPress with everything in one place beat out Bloglovin’. Which sucks. Cause, in theory, Bloglovin’ is super cool and I’d love to use it. Maybe I’ll give it another try – users, please comment and let me know what I’m doing wrong/how to use it effectively/how you use it. Thanks!


Oh, Litsy. Litsy remains a mystery to me. I just don’t get it. My biggest problem with Litsy is that it doesn’t provide me with anything new. This is why it totally and completely failed. I downloaded it in September when it became available on Android, used it a handful of times, and then promptly forgot it existed.

I wrote a post on Listy not too long ago, asking for advice on how to use it and what ya’ll use it for. I got some good responses and felt like it might become a thing. But it didn’t.

I’ve said this before, but Litsy is the love-child of Goodreads and Instagram. I have both a Goodreads and an Instagram and use them on a regular basis. I am not a Bookstagramer, though I do post book pictures from time to time on my Instagram. So when I started Litsy, I guess I just expected it to have some new, unique function, hence why so many people love it. But…it didn’t.

It didn’t offer anything new that wasn’t already available to me on either Goodreads or Instagram. The only redeeming factor I hear about it is that it is a great community-builder. But that’s already something I have. I have community here on BookPress and on Twitter, so like…I’m good.

In conclusion

What have I learned from all this? I think the biggest thing is that it just reconfirmed what I already knew to be true about my use of social media platforms: there are so many social media platforms out there that if their purposes become redundant, they fail. There has to be a distinct and unique function for each one, otherwise why bother? I have lots of social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Goodreads, WordPress. I use each one for a very distinct reason, which is why they work. Bloglovin’ and especially Litsy have too many redundancies. And let’s face it, there just isn’t enough room in our brains and schedules to participate on every platform. If you have a deliberate reason to use a platform, use it, otherwise you’re spreading yourself too thin. Better to be an effective user of a few than an ineffective user of many.

End rant.

Thanks for reading, and please comment below on how you use social media! Any thoughts on Bloglovin’ or Litsy? Or any others?

K thanks bye.


30 thoughts on “Social media fails: Litsy & Bloglovin’”

  1. I agree with you on Bloglovin’. I probably signed up for it in the summer even though I had no idea whatsoever how to work it. Then, I hooked up my blog and there was nothing else to do. I also like WordPress A LOT better than blogging for most of the same reasons like you said. I have never tried Litsy, but I’ll have to check it out sometime just for fun. c:

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  2. Your experience with Bloglovin’ is incredibly similar to mine; I signed up for the same reasons, excited to follow more blogs and get my blog out there, but at this point the only purpose Bloglovin’ serves is to send me annoying emails about blog posts that I don’t read. (I really need to change my email settings.)

    Like you, I feel like I’m using it wrong. But honestly, I can barely keep up (that’s a lie; I CAN’T keep up) with all the blogs I follow on WordPress, and adding an entirely new platform to my to-do list just takes me from *overwhelmed* to *slowly dying of failure.*

    The same applies to my Booklikes account. I’ve met a couple really neat people through it, but it sucks up more time than it’s worth. The community is small and not as fun as the WordPress community, and (again) having yet another platform to try to keep up with is exhausting.

    Thank goodness I never tried Litsy. The idea does sound neat, but . . . I’ll stick to WordPress and Goodreads.

    I’m so glad you wrote this post. I feel less awful about my Bloglovin’ (and Booklikes) experience, knowing I’m not the only one left feeling like I’m wasting my time.

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    1. I’m glad I made you feel better and I’m glad I’m not alone, haha! I also feel overwhelmed at all the blogs I follow at times. I even wrote a post about that a while back, lol. But I feel better about it now cause I just resigned myself to the fact that I can’t read everything, haha. I’ve never heard of Booklikes. Is it an app or a site or both?

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      1. It’s nice to be overwhelmed in good company. =)

        Booklikes is a site very similar to Goodreads, with more flexibility in the type and number of posts you can write. So, kind of like Goodreads and a regular blog mashed into one? You can post multiple reviews, discussions, whatever, about a single book, and you can link multiple books to a single review/discussion/post. Or you can write posts without linking them to a book at all. It’s a neat concept, but there aren’t many people on it.

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      2. Ok, I just checked it out and it looks super cool! That sounds really accurate that it’s like a combo of Goodreads and a blog. Too bad it’s not popular – maybe because Goodreads is so big? I’d totally get a Booklikes if I didn’t already have this blog and Goodreads. (Which is probably how a lot of people feel). Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I saw people talking about Litsy on Twitter but I never had any interest in it. I didn’t really understand what it was and just never bothered to find out. I forget about Bloglovin. I mostly focus on following other WordPress sites, but when I do remember to logon it’s nice to see blogs from other platforms.

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  4. I had a similar experience with Bloglovin I signed in a couple of months ago and included my blog but aside from reading other posts fron time to time I completly forgot I had it. At least I know Im not the only one 🙂

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  5. I agree with you that they’re redundant. I have Bloglovin, but I don’t use it much. I got it to keep up with blogs on other platforms, but, as you said, it’s bit of a hassle to switch to another platform to interact with blogs.

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  6. I’ve never really seen Bloglovin’ as a social media – more as a feed reader, but the point stands: I’m also really “bad” at using it. Something about the interface doesn’t work with me, and I much prefer Feedly/WordPress because of the linear way they show new content. I want to use Bloglovin’ more though! I think WordPress is great, but I feel limited to discovering just blogs that are on the WP platform. There are tons of Blogspot blogs that I think I’d love if I just know where to find them. 😛

    Great post! Definitely food for thought.

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    1. EDIT: I just figured out how you can add non-WordPress blogs to your WordPress feed!! You just have to put the URL into your “manage” page for blogs you follow. This changes everything!!! LOL


      1. Yep, you can! For me the problem is more discovery, i.e. with WordPress you can just follow a tag and see who else posts using that tag so it’s easy to find new blogs to follow, haha. I’m just too lazy at times. 😂

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  7. Awesome post! So time-consuming to jog from one website to the other. I just stick to WordPress. I’ve tried adding bloglovin’ but somehow it failed me even more by not being able to sync with Bookidote. If doesn’t want me, I don’t want it, I say! 😛

    – Lashaan

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  8. I don’t feel that joining Bloglovin’ really did much for me in terms of interacting with other people either. I don’t have a particularly large follower base on it, and, in fact, tend to get most of my traffic from the WordPress reader. I don’t know how people not on WordPress like to follow blogs, but it seems they’re at least not following me on Bloglovin’! :p That said, I do use it as a reader myself. I follow WordPress blogs on the reader because it’s easier to add them (though obviously you can manually add non-Wordpress ones), and I follow other blogs on Bloglovin’.

    I don’t have a smartphone and don’t really do apps because of that, but I was confused when people started talking about Litsy because, I agee, it’s doesn’t sound as if it’s offering anything new. It’s definitely a platform I expected to either not really take off or just eventually cave. It’s kind of the problem with Riffle, really, which is that it’s basically Goodreads so most people just use Goodreads.

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    1. Yeah, I’m just now hearing from all of these comments of Goodreads-like apps I’ve never heard of. I guess if there’s a tight enough community, they may have a chance, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they went down.

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  9. I love Litsy. For me it’s not necessarily that it provides extra function, but the type of people I’ve connected with there feel more like my tribe than people on any other social media site. I love it to bits and my TBR has exponentially increased. 😊

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  10. OMG I thought I was the only lost one because I was SOcomfused with bloglovin’ … I didn’t get any benefits really. Is it just me that found it hard to integrate? I had so little followers so little reach and it didn’t help the blog so 👎

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