Breaking News: Following non-WordPress blogs on your WordPress reader


I made a shocking discovery yesterday after my post on Bloglovin’ and Litsy and how those platforms didn’t work for me. I talked about how I’d love to follow more non-WordPress blogs, but going to a separate reader feed does not appeal to me because I like everything all in one place. BUT GUYS. YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL.

If you’re using the new WordPress interface (as opposed to the WP Admin site manager), you can see the “Manage” button on your Reader feed for blogs you follow.

Click on it.

See where you can enter a URL to follow a blog? Well, just for shits and grins, I entered a Blogspot URL and lo and behold, the blog’s posts showed up on my WordPress reader! WHO KNEW!? Seriously, though, who knew this? I genuinely don’t think I’m the only one who didn’t know because a lot of the comments I received on yesterday’s post also expressed the desire to read more non-WordPress blogs. I’m so glad I investigated this and now I’m sharing the news!

Why oh why does WordPress not make this more conspicuous? All other evidence leads you to believe that you can only follow WP blogs on WP. I guess they don’t advertise this because they rely on platform loyalty, but come on. My platform loyalty to WordPress just INCREASED because of this feature. THANK YOU, WORDPRESS GODS!

SO. As a celebration, today Imma recommend ya’ll some wonderful bookish blogs that are not hosted on WordPress. Spread the love and get exploring, people, because a whole new world is now open!

a whole new world gif

Reading While White: this blog is amazing and everyone should be following it. It is run by librarians who discuss diversity issues in children’s and YA lit. Take a look.

Once Upon a Bookish Time: this blog has great reviews of YA books – lots of fantasy, which I like.

The Nameless Book Blog: just an awesome book blog all around.

Books and Quills: This is actually the blog of the popular BookTuber booksandquills, and I thought I’d add it here to show that you can also add sites such as this to the reader. Man, is my reader gonna be hoppin now…

Happy exploring!

I’m going to go back to bed now because I am very sick today. Glad I wrote most of this post last night.



17 thoughts on “Breaking News: Following non-WordPress blogs on your WordPress reader”

  1. Greetings! I’m one of the folks who works on the Reader.

    You can indeed follow any old site that has an RSS or Atom feed in the Reader. In fact, you can import a Bloglovin export ( ) or a Feedly export ( ) using the Import button on if you’d like to try it out.

    Sometimes sites don’t advertise that they have an RSS feed, though we do our best to try and find one. If you find a site that you can’t subscribe too, you might need to hunt around a bit to see if they have a feed.


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