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I got paid for this: a Fantastic Beasts Celebration

As you know, I work at a public library. Today we finally held our Fantastic Beasts event. We’d been planning it for like 8 months and all I’m going to do now is literally just show off my pictures. I am absolutely exhausted from the day, but it’s NaBloPoMo, so I most post, dammit! I’ll give a little commentary throughout the post, but really I just wanted to share this with you all to get hyped for the movie/show off how cool my job is. Click to zoom on any of the pics – enjoy!

Firstly, we enter the photo booth in NYC. Here is me and my incredible boss/partner-in-magical-crime:

Then go shopping at the Wizard Emporium, which included a potion ingredient shop (all edible candies), wizard wares (for cauldrons and quills and such), and the charm shop (make your own bottle cap charm pendant with HP spells):

We also had some Fantastic Beasts of our own:

Fantastic beasts animals

Then, you have to go make your wand (using chopsticks and Washi tape). In the US, witches and wizards must carry wand permits, so don’t forget to have your wand registered!

Here’s a close-up of one of the 45-ish letters I made for the floating letter craft you see in the background of the MACUSA wand registration booth:

MACUSA letter

My favorite part of the library was the Forbidden Forest Creature Maze. This picture DOES NOT do it justice, but it was so freaking cool. Can you find your way out without getting attacked by the creatures within??

Creature Maze

And I didn’t even get pictures of everything else. We had Butterbeer, Potions, and Chocolate Frogs at the cafe, make-your-own creature bots with our Maker peeps, a Scavenger Hunt, Potter Players who acted out scenes from the movies, and an interactive photo shoot that looks a little something like this (your face appears on the wanted poster. Mine hasn’t been posted yet; this is the tester):

It was altogether a FANTASTIC day (but I’m so glad that will probably be the last time I have to make that joke). Did I mention all of this was free? Public libraries, guys. Best. Job. Ever. I’m going to go sleep now.


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