Rose Recommends: December | Wizards in Space

Happy December, everyone! I don’t know what December means to you, but to me, I’m drinking hot chocolate by the Christmas tree with a warm blanket and space heater laptop while it’s below zero degrees Fahrenheit outside.

Actually, I’m at work right now, but at least now you know where my mind is.

This month’s Rose Recommends is something a little different – a literary magazine! Not just any literary magazine… one that was created by fandom nerds! How cool is that??

It’s called Wizards in Space and was started after the amazing convention of awesome that was NerdCon: Stories 2015. I was at NerdCon 2015 but had no idea this was when Wizards in Space got its start until like 2 weeks ago when I discovered it through their Kickstarter for issue #2. I was surprised that I hadn’t gotten wind of this until now, so I thought I’d share it will all ya’ll!

Here’s what the first issue looks like:

Wizards in Space

You can get it here for $12. Here’s what’s inside:

Poetry: I don’t often (ever) read poetry for funsies, and I’d like to read more. The selection in the first issue of Wizards in Space is readable and accessible, especially if you don’t read a lot (any) poetry.

Nonfiction: Unfortunately, I was not a fan of the nonfiction in this particular issue because it read too much like diary entries. These pieces felt immature. However, it’s great that they accept nonfiction for submission and I’m looking forward to the next issue nonetheless.

Fiction: The fiction was my favorite part of this collection. The short stories were excellent and memorable, ranging from sci-fi westerns and steampunk to contemporary fiction. Highly recommend.

Definitely check out Wizards in Space if you are interested in reading or submitting work! Even though it started around the idea of fan-created content, the work in issue #1 has very little to do with fandom, so it’s accessible to anyone. I enjoy supporting independent creators, especially if they are fellow fans, and I’m so glad I got my hands on the first Wizards in Space.


Literary magazine (various genres)




  • Quick reads
  • Variety of genres
  • Indie authors


  • Indie authors


3 thoughts on “Rose Recommends: December | Wizards in Space”

  1. Hmm I had never heard of this before, but it seems like such a cool idea. I love that there is a mixture of poetry, non-fiction, and fiction. You get a little bit of everything. Thanks for the suggestion.

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