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National Library Week: Tuesday | National Library Workers Day

Happy Tuesday! Today is day 2 of National Library Week and it is also National Library Workers Day! I come to you with a brief posting about my library co-workers, as I am keeping on track with a post for each themed day this week!

In honor of National Library Workers Day, my library threw a special party in the break room with Andy’s Frozen Custard and luau decorations. It was lovely – especially since the “servers,” one of which was our library director, dressed up for the occasion, grass skirts included.

National Library Workers Day Luau

A good time was had by all!

Also, the Instagram challenge of the day is to feature a library co-worker who is an expert in something. All week, we are wearing “I’m an expert in ______” stickers to show off how cool we are. (Mine include Harry Potter and blogging, cause what else?) So I took a snap of our Adult Services Manager, Debra. She’s kinda my hero:

Debra is an expert in genealogy

As her sticker says, Debra is an expert in genealogy. Our library is a very large and active hub for genealogy things, and it’s all thanks to her. Seriously. No one could find parking spaces the two days she ran Irish Genealogy workshops – people came from out of state. It was nuts. She is also just as nerdy even more nerdy than I am and we are always making Harry Potter and Hamilton references. She’s the best.

Happy National Library Workers Day! Told you it would be a short post! Until tomorrow!


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