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I’m alive and I wrote a book review! Book Review: “Literary Places” by Sarah Baxter — Book Trolley

OMG, it me!

I’m alive! Here’s proof:

I’ve been living in sunny Florida for over a year now, being a librarian, living with my boyfriend, and spending most of my time and money being a Disney passholder (see Instagram account, which is basically all Disney now). It is quite excellent.

I still volunteer at, and I recently joined the team of book reviewers for the site! Why I hadn’t done this before now is due to having my own book blog, but since, as you can see, this blog has gathered dust, I decided to review for MuggleNet a bit. Reviewing for the site also means there are other people depending on my reviews, and therefore I have motivation to do them. Yay!

So, here it is, people: my come-back of sorts. It’s quite different from my old reviews since I have to reel in my long tangents and snark to suit a different standard, but it sure felt good to write a review again! Who knows, maybe I’ll blog some more again! Enjoy!

Sarah Baxter takes you on a global journey through the real places that inspired great works of fiction in this Inspired Traveller’s Guide, Literary Places. Accompanied by beautiful, full-color illustrations by Amy Grimes, each chapter explores a different place and its relationship to the novel in which it is featured, from Dickens’ London to Salinger’s…

Book Review: “Literary Places” by Sarah Baxter — Book Trolley


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