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It’s July 12th! What’s special about that? Today the people of the internet are coming together to raise awareness about net neutrality. Why should you care? I’m going to let Google and Fight for the Future (one of the hosts of the July 12th internet-wide day of action) explain. First, a Google definition of net neutrality, so you don’t have to go through alllllll the effort of Googling it yourself:

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Book blogger survey conclusions

Hey hey hey! I’m alive!

But I totally just failed my 4-post-a-month goal. F-you, May.

I just started summer classes like 3 weeks ago (with literally no break between the end of spring semester), and the workload took some adjusting to. Then I took a brief little trip. So no blog action except for the 17 drafts I keep working on without actually posting. But I’m back with something cool!

So remember that time when I conducted a book blogger survey for one of my grad school classes? A HUGE thank-you to those who participated; I’m really proud of how my project and paper turned out, and I literally could not have done it without you!

I stated on the survey post that I would not be using the data for anything other than my project and that my professor, TA, and I would be the only ones looking at it. But I did get a lot of interest from people wanting to know what I found, so I decided to write up an overview of my observations from the survey without using any specific response information. I came up with a list of conclusions I made from the data and am happy to share them with you! I’ll go ahead and list my conclusions and then do a bit of musing about what these responses implicate.

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Questions for Book Bloggers!

Questions for book bloggersHello, you! Are you a book blogger? Then I have questions for you!

As many of you know, I am currently working on my Masters in Library and Information Science. This semester, I am taking a course called “Literacy, Reading, and Readers.” I have to do a final project for the course that centers on a topic about reading. I decided it would be a great idea to examine a community of which I am a part – book bloggers!

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600 followers! Let me A your Qs!

Waddup, people!? Guess what!? I reached 600 followers last week!

and there was much rejoicing


I thought the thing to do would be to first say


for following, and commenting, and sharing, and liking, and being altogether great.

Nextly, I’d like to do a Q&A because I’ve seen other bloggers do this at milestones, and I have not done this, so why not get on the bandwagon?

Let me A your Qs! Qs can be about whatever you like. Just comment below, and I will respond in a forthcoming post and give you a shout-out!

Cause why not?



2016 in the books

Happy 2017, ya’ll! It’s time for a yearly wrap-up! 2016 was a successful year for me both in terms of reading and in terms of blogging. I also made a big personal life change in 2016. And now I’m gonna talk about all of it! Here’s my figures and facts now that 2016 is in the books.


As far as Goodreads goals are concerned, I went above and beyond my first goal for 2016. I originally set my goal at 30 books! 30! And I ended up reading 66! This was the first year I’ve ever increased my goal during the year because I was reading so much. This was in part due to readathon participation, and also in part due to the fact that I got to count many of the books I read for school on my Goodreads. Here’s some fun Goodreads facts about what I read this year:

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