Fall Haul

Hello world. I’m feeling very wistful today so I’m doing an easy post for NaBloPoMo that doesn’t require much thinking: a haul! This is my fall haul, even though fall is not over yet. Let’s get right to it.

Firstly, I got another ARC from Penguin Random House, Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow. I got it the day after the book came out, so the I’m-cool-and-read-the-book-before-you incentive was low, and therefore I haven’t read it yet. But I’m looking forward to it:

Girl in Pieces ARC

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Haul & Goats

Aloha! It’s the end of my summer, so I thought I’d wrap it up with a haul of the books I managed to get over the last several months. The summer started out with a Haul of Excitement and Printer’s Row Lit Fest. I also began a subscription to Uppercase, which arrived in JuneJuly, and August. Here are the rest of my summer books!

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Haul of Excitement

It’s time for a short haul! I went to the Barnes and Noble B-Fest yesterday to see if I could get some free stuff, and I did! I ended up wining the YA trivia challenge! I was only competing with one other person, and we tied with a score of 21, and then I won the tie-breaker round by 1 point. She was actually a teenager, so I felt a little bad about it, but she did get a tote bag for coming in 2nd. Am I a terrible person? Here’s the excellent prize I got:

b-fest haul first in line

The B-Fest booklet, bookmark, and sticker were free to all B-Fest attendees, but the tote, book, and card up top were my prize. The book is an ARC of David Arnold’s Kids of Appetite, which comes out this September. I read Mosquitoland a few months ago and really liked it, so I’m psyched to read this one! The card allows me a one-year VIP membership to Penguin Random House’s “First in Line,” which basically means that they are going to send me 5-6 more ARCs this year! Hence “Haul of Excitement.”

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6 Used 7 New Haul

It’s time for a haul! I have stocked up on books lately thanks to 2 sales in town: one at the public library (at which you stack your books and they charge you by the inch – adorable, right?), and then a special Scholastic book fair for teachers and librarians where everything was super cheap. I ultimately got 6 used books at the former sale and 7 new at the latter, hence the title of the haul as a reference to the 90’s movie “6 Days 7 Nights” with Harrison Ford and Anne Heche. Anyone? 2 people stranded on an island? Who fall in love? For 6 days and 7 nights? And it’s adorable and cheesy? No? Go watch it.

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