All I want for Christmas is books (and a million dollars)

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I’m all warm and fuzzy and satisfied, but I’m also at work. So I thought I’d kill some time and do a post that doesn’t require any thinking because my brain is still in Turkeyland and it’s quiet here at the library. Also, what better post on Black Friday than one that celebrates materialism? Here’s my bookish wishlist for this holiday season. I typically ask for books that I wouldn’t normally purchase for myself because they are either A. too expensive, or B. just gift-type books. And I expect to see some of these under the tree because I’ve already sent my list to Santa. And my mom. Who I suspect might be the same person.

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Fantastic Wizard Rock and Where to Find It


GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS. It is now officially 1 WEEK until the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in theaters! Last night I got to watch a bunch of my friends from MuggleNet attend the world premiere in NYC, schmoozing with the likes of Eddie Redmayne, David Heyman, and THE QUEEN HERSELF, Jo Rowling. It was the happiest I’ve felt in…well…I donno, several weeks maybe? You can see all their footage on MuggleNet’s Facebook.

Being a volunteer staff member at the site, I’ve had a hard time keeping away from spoilers, because they are starting to creep in everywhere (I had to post a few cast interviews to the site, and my boss warned us not to read them if we didn’t want to be spoiled – our poor editor, though….). What I do know is that it is a FANTASTIC time to be a Harry Potter fan, and I don’t think I’ve been this excited for any movie release since Order of the Phoenix (after which David Yates crushed my dreams). (“But Emily, isn’t David Yates also directing Fantastic Beasts?” Yes he his, other self, but this is a totally new story with a very different atmosphere, and I think he’s gonna nail it this time. “Okkaaaayyyy, but you remember what he did to movies 5-8, right?” Shhhhh….he’s gonna nail it.)

One of the reasons fans are so incredibly excited is because there is no expectation to live up to for this story: no characters we fear being cut, events mixed around, or details glossed over. This story was written for the screen by J.K. Rowling herself. I’m not even going to try to contain my excitement. Newt’s case isn’t big enough to contain my excitement, and he’s got a whole zoo in that thing.

“Wait, wasn’t this post titled something about Wizard Rock? When is that gonna become relevant?” RIGHT NOW, OTHER SELF. RIGHT NOW!

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NaBloPoMo day 2!

This is gonna be a short post because it’s a heavy homework day and I have to write a paper. ‘Lez go.

Basically I want to share a cool thing with you that my library did this past month. We had a staff #Bookface contest that is now open to public voting.

What is #Bookface, you ask? Do a quick Google image search and you will see some absolutely brilliant examples of people matching up books to their faces (or other body parts, or dogs, or inanimate objects, or what have you).

It’s become kind-of a thing for libraries to hold these contests, and my library has now jumped on that train, too. Here’s my entry:

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Book subscription boxes?

Book Subscription

Hello world! Yes, yes I am considering starting a subscription to a book box. I have done my research as to the cost and contents of the major boxes and I’ve decided to outline them for you here, and also ask YOU which ones you prefer and why. I think I’ve already decided which one I want, but I can be swayed. The list below is by no means exhaustive; it just lists the ones I’ve considered. Here are my contenders:

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Julian Fellowes’s Belgravia


Hello readers! Today I’m going to tell you about a cool new publishing project going on right here on the grand ‘ole internet: Julian Fellowes’s Belgravia. If you did not already recognize the name, Julian Fellowes is the guy who wrote/created Downton Abbey. If you are like me and cried at the series finale because the Crawleys were like an alternate family to you, then have no fear, because Belgravia may fill the void in your heart. If you are not a Downton Abbey person, but generally like the idea of interactive reading experiences or serialized fiction or historical dramas, then listen up, yo.

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International Fanworks Day!

Hey everyone! It’s International Fanworks Day!

Fanwork (noun): a creative work produced by one or more fans, generally intended for other fans. A common defining phrase used in fandom is “by fans for fans,” or something similar, though this definition might incorporate other fan activity as well.

The Harry Potter Alliance reminded me today that it is International Fanworkds Day – a day to celebrate and spread the importance of fanworks! Fans and creators of fan fiction, fan art, fan video, fan music, fan whatever, rejoice! This day is for all of us!

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