Rose Recommends: July | Rethink normal!

Hi! Just a post to prove I’m alive. I have not been reading any blogs lately because: 1. ALA, 2. planning/throwing a wedding celebration for my brother and sister-in-law, and 3. school work. What’s been going on in the book blogosphere? Any good posts I need to know about? Send them my way!

rethinking-normalI am here today to recommend a book! I know I’m a little late and missed this for pride month (I also missed the last 3 months of rec posts) ((see aforementioned reasons)), but any time is a good time for LGBTQ recs! The book is called Rethinking Normal: A Memoir in Transition by Katie Rain Hill. This was our final pick for the Resist Readathon I recently ran for the online book club I co-manage, and it was our transgender pick. And it was great.

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Rose Recommends: March | Learn some web design!

Hey hey hey! It’s almost the end of the month, so that means it’s time for me to do a recommendation post a day or 2 before the month is out! I should really start titling these a month ahead….

I took a Web Design course last semester and it has helped me immensely, not only with designing websites, but also with designing graphics. I figured this could be a useful topic to recommend to book bloggers, since we spend so much time on the internet, and many of us design our own stuff (and put so. much. time. into that, too).

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Rose Recommends: February | Reading about Reading

It’s hard to believe February is almost over. 2017 has been quite an exciting year so far for me. The 3 classes I’m taking for grad school are some of the best I’ve taken yet, and today I’m recommending one of my readings from class! Don’t worry, it’s totally not boring!

My favorite class this semester is called Literacy, Reading, and Readers. It’s basically my dream class because we get to talk about how and why people learn to read, how reading communities are formed, the history and culture of reading, the power dynamics of language and literacy, and lots more. It’s amazing. One of the books we read to start the semester was Alberto Manguel’s A History of Reading. It looks like dis:

A History of Reading by Alberto Manguel

There’s a lot of sticky notes in my copy because I love this book.

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Rose Recommends: January | Feminism!

Welcome to the first Rose Recommends of 2017! This month I suggest a topical book I picked up at my library on the day of the Women’s March: Fight Like a Girl: 50 Feminists Who Changed the World by Laura Barcella.

I was working at the library and scrolling through my social media feed, seeing a ton of my friends marching for women in cities all around the U.S. (and even some around the world!). Feeling a bit bummed I was working, I searched for what books we have that are about feminists. And boom! This one is just what I was looking for.

fight like a girl selfie

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Rose Recommends: December | Wizards in Space

Happy December, everyone! I don’t know what December means to you, but to me, I’m drinking hot chocolate by the Christmas tree with a warm blanket and space heater laptop while it’s below zero degrees Fahrenheit outside.

Actually, I’m at work right now, but at least now you know where my mind is.

This month’s Rose Recommends is something a little different – a literary magazine! Not just any literary magazine… one that was created by fandom nerds! How cool is that??

It’s called Wizards in Space and was started after the amazing convention of awesome that was NerdCon: Stories 2015. I was at NerdCon 2015 but had no idea this was when Wizards in Space got its start until like 2 weeks ago when I discovered it through their Kickstarter for issue #2. I was surprised that I hadn’t gotten wind of this until now, so I thought I’d share it will all ya’ll!

Here’s what the first issue looks like:

Wizards in Space

You can get it here for $12. Here’s what’s inside:

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Rose Recommends: November | Popular Music from Vittula

Woooo, monthly recommendation post! I like to use these to recommend books that are a bit off the beaten path, and this one fits that description in more ways than one.


Popular Music from Vittula by Mikael Niemi is a Swedish book from 2000 that became a big hit in Sweden but not so much here in the states. The reason I know it is because I took a Scandinavian children’s literature class in college – which I’ve talked about on this blog like 5 times now – that introduced me to many wonderful books I wouldn’t have otherwise known about. Another such introduction was to the delightful Moomins, who I blogged about a few days ago, so I decided to share another Scandinavian treasure with you all.

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Rose Recommends: October | Should We Burn Babar?

Hey hey hey! I know I kinda sorta technically missed my September recommendation, but I did recommend a web series adaptation of Pride and Prejudice last month, so I’m counting it. K? K.

This month I’m recommending something of a more academic bent: a book of essays called Should We Burn Babar? by Herbert Kohl. Dis wat it looks like:


I had previously heard of the title essay from a professor during my undergrad, and one of my grad professors this semester recommended the whole book, so I picked it up after the class ended (it was a half-term class). And I was glad I did.

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