“This One Summer” review: singing the song of purple summer

This One Summer by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki. First Second: 2014.

This One Summer book coverHello, blog! I miss you a lot. *hugs* Let’s start catching up on reviews, shall we? I read This One Summer this summer because I had heard wonderful things about out it, and a YA graphic novel was quick enough to fit in among all of the school reading I’m doing. Altogether, the book did not live up to the lofty expectations I set for it, but it was still a refreshing summer read.

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You might not be able to read this post

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It’s July 12th! What’s special about that? Today the people of the internet are coming together to raise awareness about net neutrality. Why should you care? I’m going to let Google and Fight for the Future (one of the hosts of the July 12th internet-wide day of action) explain. First, a Google definition of net neutrality, so you don’t have to go through alllllll the effort of Googling it yourself:

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Sims Book Tag

So a long-ass time ago (*cough*February*cough*) I was tagged in the Sims Book Tag by Heather at the Sassy Book Geek! Heather is great, and so are the Sims, so I knew I wanted to participate eventually…

Spongebob eventually poster

A long time later, here I am! Celebrating books and one of the greatest video games that I wasted many many hours of time on during my adolescence building exact replicas of my house and/or Hogwarts. Did I say wasted? I meant gladly spent. Damn, I miss the Sims!

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Rose Recommends: July | Rethink normal!

Hi! Just a post to prove I’m alive. I have not been reading any blogs lately because: 1. ALA, 2. planning/throwing a wedding celebration for my brother and sister-in-law, and 3. school work. What’s been going on in the book blogosphere? Any good posts I need to know about? Send them my way!

rethinking-normalI am here today to recommend a book! I know I’m a little late and missed this for pride month (I also missed the last 3 months of rec posts) ((see aforementioned reasons)), but any time is a good time for LGBTQ recs! The book is called Rethinking Normal: A Memoir in Transition by Katie Rain Hill. This was our final pick for the Resist Readathon I recently ran for the online book club I co-manage, and it was our transgender pick. And it was great.

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My first American Library Association Conference: there are no words, but I’m gonna try

This post is totally going to be like a Dear Diary entry from my writing days of old in which I literally just talk about everything that happened to me in the last 2 days. This should help my brain process the awesome and be a good memento when I read back years later. Plus, I kinda just want to brag about how great my new profession is….we throw pretty great conferences.

So I actually had an exhibitor pass to ALA this year because I worked the Harry Potter Alliance booth, which is an organization I volunteer with (and have explained on this blog enough that I will not do so again here). So I only had access to the exhibit hall, but the word “only” in this sentence is like saying I “only” won a million dollars. The exhibit hall is amazing and not only has all the exhibitors, but also tons of stages where different talks and panels take place. I only had one specific plan on day 1 I wanted to hit for the exhibit hall, and the rest I left up to fate (because how many plans really go through when you go to cons?). This was a great decision. I got there before the floor opened (the perks of being an exhibitor) to get the lay of the land before the crowds descended and find my booth in the massive sprawl that is McCormick Place West.

PUMPED for my first #ALA! #alaac17

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Printer’s Row Lit Fest 2017

It’s that time again! Summer has arrived, and with it, books! Printer’s Row Lit Fest is the largest outdoor literary festival in the Midwest, and it takes place each summer in the Printer’s Row neighborhood of Chicago. This year was my 4th year attending the fest, and I am yet to be disappointed. The author line-up was also great this year: David Levithan, Cory Doctorow, Gillian Flynn, Jonathan Safran Foer, and many, many more. The top-billed guests were Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Al Franken. I did not actually see any of these people… but that’s ok, cause that wasn’t the plan for me anyway.

The plan was to wander the fest (a.k.a. shop) and have brunch with a friend to catch up on life. It was lovely. But also very hot. Luckily we ducked in and out of air-conditioned shops along the way so we didn’t completely melt. I never get tired of wandering this neighborhood for its bookish roots.

❤ #PRLF17

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