Favorite Austen Adaptation | Classic Remarks

Hello, interwebs! Man, it feels like it's been a long time. Grad school is in full gear, and I feel I haven't visited Bookpress in a while, but here I am! Today is another prompt from Pages Unbound as part of their Classic Remarks meme. This is my third time participating in the post, but… Continue reading Favorite Austen Adaptation | Classic Remarks

Film adaptations

The Magicians on Syfy

The Magicians is a new show on the Syfy channel based on Lev Grossman's Magicians trilogy. I read the trilogy recently (you can read my reviews here, here, and here, including a bit about meeting the author!) so I was interested to hear it was being adapted into a TV show. But I was skeptical… Continue reading The Magicians on Syfy