Happy Birthday to me! 400 followers & a tag!

It's my birthday! Also, I reached 400 followers a few days ago! ALSO, FANTASTIC BEASTS CAME OUT TODAY AND I GET TO SEE IT IN LESS THAN 12 HOURS. Also, I was tagged by Heather @ The Sassy Geek in the Get to Know Me Tag, which she did at 400 followers, and which I… Continue reading Happy Birthday to me! 400 followers & a tag!

Other bookish fun

This day in lit history

Hey! It's my birthday! This is going to be a short post since it's been a busy day. I thought it would be appropriate to talk about "this day in lit history." The blog Interesting Literature does this every day, and it is, as the blog title suggests, quite interesting! Here are a few of… Continue reading This day in lit history