Rose Recommends: June | Wordless children’s books

Hey ho! June's almost over so it's time to recommend ya'll something! This particular "Rose Recommends" is a little bit different than usual because I'm recommending many books! And none of them have words! I'm going with some of my favorite recent children's books this time, because I'm taking a children's lit course right now and… Continue reading Rose Recommends: June | Wordless children’s books

Rants & Reflections

On smiling slaves and censorship

So. I'm really excited to write this post because it's meaty. It's inspired by a class I'm taking right now, and I'm glad to have this extra blogging inspiration; it was one of my undergrad English classes that inspired me to blog about books originally, and now that I'm doing my Master's, I'm hoping to… Continue reading On smiling slaves and censorship


Wild Rumpus Books for Children

I've been to a lot of impressive bookstores. But this one. This one. This one is my new favorite. Located in Minneapolis, Wild Rumpus Books for Children is one of a kind and an absolute must-visit for everyone who finds themselves in the area. I visited Wild Rumpus because I was in Minneapolis for NerdCon: Stories… Continue reading Wild Rumpus Books for Children

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NaBloPoMo day 1: my first book

I've decided to do a thing! Many people know about NaNoWriMo, but not everyone knows about NaBloPoMo. (Click here if you think I'm speaking gibberish). As you might imagine from the name, NaBloPoMo is a NaNoWriMo for bloggers. And that I am. I attempted to participate in NaNoWriMo during one of my college years, and I… Continue reading NaBloPoMo day 1: my first book