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Review: Kids of Appetite (ARC)

Kids of Appetite by David Arnold. Viking Books, 2016. Guys, guys, it's my first ARC review! How cool is that?? I got this ARC from winning the Barnes & Noble B-Fest trivia contest. This is the second novel by David Arnold, the first being Mosquitoland, which I read and reviewed a few months ago. Kids of Appetite will… Continue reading Review: Kids of Appetite (ARC)

Book hauls

Haul of Excitement

It's time for a short haul! I went to the Barnes and Noble B-Fest yesterday to see if I could get some free stuff, and I did! I ended up wining the YA trivia challenge! I was only competing with one other person, and we tied with a score of 21, and then I won… Continue reading Haul of Excitement