Rose Recommends: October | Should We Burn Babar?

Hey hey hey! I know I kinda sorta technically missed my September recommendation, but I did recommend a web series adaptation of Pride and Prejudice last month, so I'm counting it. K? K. This month I'm recommending something of a more academic bent: a book of essays called Should We Burn Babar? by Herbert Kohl. Dis wat it… Continue reading Rose Recommends: October | Should We Burn Babar?


Rose Recommends: November | Fan Phenomena

| This month's recommendation is actually a collection of books, one of which I read over the summer. The series is called Fan Phenomena and is published by the University of Chicago Press. Each book in the series is about a different fandom and contains scholarly essays that examine the phenomenon surrounding that particular fandom. I discovered these… Continue reading Rose Recommends: November | Fan Phenomena