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Big Announcement: The Apparating Library and Resist Readathon!

Guess what, blogaroos!? I'm doing another thing! So. Have you ever heard of the Harry Potter Alliance!? If not, you MUST go check it out, because the HPA is seriously the coolest nonprofit organization around. In short, the HPA encourages positive real-world change through fandom. For example, you know how the Order of the Phoenix… Continue reading Big Announcement: The Apparating Library and Resist Readathon!

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Readathon Announcements!

OMGOSH GUYS, 2 posts in less than 24 hours!? What is this magic!? Well, this magic is the announcement of a new readathon from The Harry Potter Alliance! As some of you may know, today, May 21st, is National Readathon Day! Woot! But what some of you may not  know, is that on May 23rd, a new readathon… Continue reading Readathon Announcements!

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International Fanworks Day!

Hey everyone! It's International Fanworks Day! Fanwork (noun): a creative work produced by one or more fans, generally intended for other fans. A common defining phrase used in fandom is "by fans for fans," or something similar, though this definition might incorporate other fan activity as well. The Harry Potter Alliance reminded me today that it… Continue reading International Fanworks Day!