Rose Recommends: January | Winesburg, Ohio

I made it! Last day of January, and I am posting my recommendation for the month on time! The start of my 2016 has been nuts, and it's starting to finally settle down a bit. So at last, I can give you my January recommendation: This month I am actually recommending a classic: Winesburg, Ohio… Continue reading Rose Recommends: January | Winesburg, Ohio

Book hauls

Black and white haul

Went to my local library today and stopped in the used bookstore. Didn't realize till I got home that all the books I bought had a similar color palette! Got a really cool 60's edition of one of my favorite books, Winesburg, Ohio. Also The Prestige, The Search for WondLa, the 6th "Unfortunate Events" book,… Continue reading Black and white haul