In which I A your Qs

Hey! So last week I told you to ask me questions as a celebration for getting 600 followers. Now Imma answer them! Yay!

Flynn Rider says: YAY!

Green Onion asks:

I really loved your NaBloPoMo last November. Any plans for something like that soon? Or, are you planning to take part again this year?

Thank you! Soon, no. This semester is hitting me hard with work. I will most likely participate again in November, though! It’s really so much fun. And I get to feel like I’m participating with all the NaNoWriMo friends, too, so I don’t feel left out.

Zezee asks:

Why did you decide to study library science? And how are your studies going? (I’m just being nosy cause I was considering library science at one time.)
Also, what TV shows are you currently hooked on?

Is it too cheesy to say that a library is where I feel like I’ve always belonged? I liked teaching English, but there were too many constraints about being in a classroom. I’m more attracted to the idea of learning based on interests and open access to information rather than your obligation to sit in a class. Also, I get to plan awesome Harry Potter events. It’s basically the coolest nerd job ever.

Studies are going well! I’m learning about community engagement and literacy and it’s awesome. My workload is tough, but that’s only because I’m trying to get through my program as fast as possible so I can get out of my parents’ house…

Currently, I just finished watching season 1 of “Victoria” on PBS, which was great. I think I’m going to start “The Crown” now on Netflix. Might as well go from one show about a long-reigning female monarch to another.

Emma the Book Lover asks:

My question is what is the best book you’ve read this year so far ??

I have to use a school book because I’ve read very few books for pleasure so far this year. However, my school reading has been fascinating, and my favorite book was one that I recommended in February that you all should read! It’s A History of Reading by Alberto Manguel, which is exactly what it sounds like – but it’s utterly fascinating and readable!

The Orangutan Librarian asks:

First off what’s your patronus? And if you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go?

My Patronus is a Dapple Grey Stallion! I’m surprised I haven’t brought that up yet on my blog, so thank you for asking! I am quite pleased with it (though secretly a bit salty that I didn’t get a unicorn). I think it suits me. What’s yours??

Right now I would go to England because I miss it (if you’re allowed to miss a place you only lived in for 5 weeks). Usually my answer is France (because I’ve never been there and it’s kindof my dream), but right now I’m feeling British.

And thanks to Reads & Reels and the Closet Readers for your kind comments!

That’s all folks!


13 thoughts on “In which I A your Qs”

  1. Aww I loved your reason for becoming a librarian!! Oh gosh- the Crown was so frickin good!! I loved every single second of it- and I’m not a monarchist at all. I hope you enjoy it! Wow- dapple grey stallion is super cool!! Sounds very noble! I got an ocicat, which, as I said on twitter freakout over it, I was pretty chuffed with cos I’d always thought it would be an ocelot and that’s pretty close! (obviously it’s not an orangutan cos that would be like a human having a pet human 😉 ) Ahh yes- you’re allowed to miss a place you’ve only lived in for 5 weeks (it’s cool that you lived here at all tbh- whereabouts?) And, as a Brit, I officially invite you to come back anytime 😉 Loved all your answers!

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      1. Thanks!! haha yes I’ve noticed that! To be fair, a lot of people in the UK like the queen and are obsessed with the whole royal family (I on the other hand was just glad to get the day off when Kate and Wills got married 😉 ). Ooh lovely!!

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  2. …And now I’m considering library science again. It wasn’t until I started blogging that heard about library science, so I’m still exploring. But it sounds like the sort of subject that would suit me.
    Lol, yea, that’s cheesy but I think such statements reflect well how a person feels about something, which is probably why we think it’s cheesy cause we recall similar past gushy feelings about something we love.
    And I totally understand about wanting to escape, I mean leave, your parents’ home and live on your own.
    I haven’t heard of either of those TV shows before. I’ll take a look. I’ve lost interest in the ones I was watching, except This Is Us, which I need to catch up on.

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