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OMG, it me!

I’m alive! Here’s proof:

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I’ve been living in sunny Florida for over a year now, being a librarian, living with my boyfriend, and spending most of my time and money being a Disney passholder (see Instagram account, which is basically all Disney now). It is quite excellent.

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A break

Hey, blog.

I’m taking a break.

I’m sorry.

Not to you, readers. But to you, blog. Readers – I know I don’t need to apologize to you, because you are wonderful, accepting people who understand that we blog for ourselves and shouldn’t put pressure on ourselves to “please readers.” But, blog, you’re gonna gather some dust, and I am sorry.

I love you. You have been a place where I can share my often ranty, sometimes intelligent thoughts. You have been a place to discuss with others and be a little bit silly.

But, you know, sometimes there are more important things.

I discussed in my last post about how my interest in blogging has taken a sudden plummet, mostly because of new developments in my personal life. I was hoping that writing that post would get me posting again. While I did start working on a draft and still have 20+ in the folder, I just…lost interest.

However, this is definitely not goodbye, blog. This is me taking a break. I will pop up again to finish those 20-something drafts in the coming months, but blogging is no longer on my priority list. So while I will still be here, I just won’t be here as frequently.

I still felt the need to let you know that I wouldn’t be posting as often, even though I will still be around, doing a post or 2 occasionally. It felt weird slowing down without acknowledging/announcing it, so consider this my acknowledgment/announcement.

Thanks, and see you all soon.



What’s happened to my blog?

Oh hi blog.

Oh Hi Mark

It’s been a minute.

This post is gonna be just plain ranty and about nothing much in particular. Have a popcorn.


I haven’t been on the blogosphere for a while, which is something I’ve noted in just about every post for the past few months. I’ve still managed to put up 5 posts this month, which is great/normal/nothing to go on about for being too few for my standards… and yet. Yet, I still feel I’ve neglected it. I’ve also neglected reading everyone else’s stuff, which I feel is the sadder part because I’m sure the constant wonderful posting has not ceased from all you lovely people. Sorry ’bout that.

And it’s not that I don’t have ideas. I have over 20 drafts at the moment. But you know, I don’t feel like writing them. Even the good ones.

I met someone.

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So I read a Harlequin romance…

Yes! I read a Harlequin romance! Why? Well, I was required to. But I’m actually very glad I was.

Explanation: this summer I took a course in Adult Popular Literature and Reader’s Advisory (the librarian term for how to recommend books to people). For the course, we were required to read about 9 novels from a variety of genres. The idea was to get us to read genres we don’t normally read – after all, part of our job as librarians is to recommend books in any and all genres, including those we don’t normally read, so we kinda need to know a thing or two about what’s out there. Harlequins are one such genre (can you call it a genre?) that I’d never read and therefore needed to in order to increase my understanding of the genre and, in turn, my ability to librarian.

And oh man, was this one fun.

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Happiness Tag

Hey! The Untamed Shrews tagged me in a tag, and I’m super HAPPY about it…

Yes, this is, in fact, the Happiness Tag, which is great because I’m a big fan of happiness. I’m also a fan of non-bookish tags because, let’s be honest, they all start to look the same after a while. Check out the Untamed Shrews! I’m slightly jealous of their awesome blog name. They are also just awesome in general.

Here we go!

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Quick update and, oh yeah, I love you!

I love you!

Just wanted you to know.

I love blogging just for blogging, but the people who read and like and comment and who I read and like and comment on have made it 3089287409 times better, so thank you! I love you! There’s too many of you to name by name, but you know who you are, friends from afar!

Today is Esther Day (explanation), the day where you celebrate all types of love (but especially non-romantic) by telling those who you might not tell often enough that you love them. Go out and spread the love!

I also wanted to say that I’ve been quite absent from the blogosphere lately, so I haven’t been reading or commenting on posts a lot. I do have like 20-some drafts that will be posted hopefully all by the end of the year (lol). Between MuggleNet and the Harry Potter Alliance and school and work, it’s been tough to keep up. School is over for about 3 weeks now, so I’m hoping to hop on WordPress a bit more during this time. See you around! Stay awesome!

(PS – I also recently reached 800 followers! THANK YOU!)

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