So I read a Harlequin romance…

Yes! I read a Harlequin romance! Why? Well, I was required to. But I’m actually very glad I was.

Explanation: this summer I took a course in Adult Popular Literature and Reader’s Advisory (the librarian term for how to recommend books to people). For the course, we were required to read about 9 novels from a variety of genres. The idea was to get us to read genres we don’t normally read – after all, part of our job as librarians is to recommend books in any and all genres, including those we don’t normally read, so we kinda need to know a thing or two about what’s out there. Harlequins are one such genre (can you call it a genre?) that I’d never read and therefore needed to in order to increase my understanding of the genre and, in turn, my ability to librarian.

And oh man, was this one fun.

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Happiness Tag

Hey! The Untamed Shrews tagged me in a tag, and I’m super HAPPY about it…

Yes, this is, in fact, the Happiness Tag, which is great because I’m a big fan of happiness. I’m also a fan of non-bookish tags because, let’s be honest, they all start to look the same after a while. Check out the Untamed Shrews! I’m slightly jealous of their awesome blog name. They are also just awesome in general.

Here we go!

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Quick update and, oh yeah, I love you!

I love you!

Just wanted you to know.

I love blogging just for blogging, but the people who read and like and comment and who I read and like and comment on have made it 3089287409 times better, so thank you! I love you! There’s too many of you to name by name, but you know who you are, friends from afar!

Today is Esther Day (explanation), the day where you celebrate all types of love (but especially non-romantic) by telling those who you might not tell often enough that you love them. Go out and spread the love!

I also wanted to say that I’ve been quite absent from the blogosphere lately, so I haven’t been reading or commenting on posts a lot. I do have like 20-some drafts that will be posted hopefully all by the end of the year (lol). Between MuggleNet and the Harry Potter Alliance and school and work, it’s been tough to keep up. School is over for about 3 weeks now, so I’m hoping to hop on WordPress a bit more during this time. See you around! Stay awesome!

(PS – I also recently reached 800 followers! THANK YOU!)

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“One for the Money” review: or, I listened to an audiobook! Here’s how that went.

One for the Money by Janet Evanovich. Recorded Books: 2011. Narrated by C.J. Critt.

One for the Money coverI read a Stephanie Plum novel! And I listened to an audiobook! Or rather, I listened to a Stephanie Plum audiobook! Woot!

Explanation: I’m taking an Adult Pop Lit/reader’s advisory class (which I’ve said before, sorry) and had to read many books from many genres, one genre of which was mystery. I’m not typically a mystery reader, but I do enjoy them when I read them (more on how this class changed my ideas on reading in a forthcoming post…). One of our requirements was also to listen to one of your book choices as an audiobook. I am not an audiobook listener. I have listened to bits and pieces of audiobooks in the past, but never have I listened to one from beginning to end. In short, my mind wanders. I can’t pay attention. But Janet Evanovich got me to pay attention.

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“This One Summer” review: singing the song of purple summer

This One Summer by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki. First Second: 2014.

This One Summer book coverHello, blog! I miss you a lot. *hugs* Let’s start catching up on reviews, shall we? I read This One Summer this summer because I had heard wonderful things about out it, and a YA graphic novel was quick enough to fit in among all of the school reading I’m doing. Altogether, the book did not live up to the lofty expectations I set for it, but it was still a refreshing summer read.

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You might not be able to read this post

net neutrality pop-up box

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It’s July 12th! What’s special about that? Today the people of the internet are coming together to raise awareness about net neutrality. Why should you care? I’m going to let Google and Fight for the Future (one of the hosts of the July 12th internet-wide day of action) explain. First, a Google definition of net neutrality, so you don’t have to go through alllllll the effort of Googling it yourself:

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Sims Book Tag

So a long-ass time ago (*cough*February*cough*) I was tagged in the Sims Book Tag by Heather at the Sassy Book Geek! Heather is great, and so are the Sims, so I knew I wanted to participate eventually…

Spongebob eventually poster

A long time later, here I am! Celebrating books and one of the greatest video games that I wasted many many hours of time on during my adolescence building exact replicas of my house and/or Hogwarts. Did I say wasted? I meant gladly spent. Damn, I miss the Sims!

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