National Library Week: Thursday | Take Action for Libraries Day

Day 4! Day 4 of National Library Week is Take Action for Libraries Day! Today you are challenged to write postcards to your elected officials urging them to support library funding, net neutrality, email privacy, or any other important issues concerning access to information and intellectual freedom. The only postcards I had on hand were literary (cause what else?), so I wrote a few to my representatives urging them to take action for libraries on appropriately literary postcards.

Postcards for libraries

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National Library Week: Wednesday | National Bookmobile Day!

Hey, all! Today’s National Library Week day is National Bookmobile Day! Woot! The library where I work has a Bookmobile, and I had actually never been on it until today! We had an open house for people to come take a look at our Bookmobile, enter raffles, sit in on storytimes, and do crafts. It was a gorgeous spring day (FINALLY), so the weather was on our side.

Our Bookmobile makes regular stops at local schools, nursing homes, and apartment complexes and delivers materials and services to those who can’t otherwise get transportation to the library. It is such a wonderful resource to the community and we are lucky to have it.

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National Library Week: Tuesday | National Library Workers Day

Happy Tuesday! Today is day 2 of National Library Week and it is also National Library Workers Day! I come to you with a brief posting about my library co-workers, as I am keeping on track with a post for each themed day this week!

In honor of National Library Workers Day, my library threw a special party in the break room with Andy’s Frozen Custard and luau decorations. It was lovely – especially since the “servers,” one of which was our library director, dressed up for the occasion, grass skirts included.

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National Library Week: Monday | Challenged book challenge

What is up Rose Readers? So yesterday I wrote a post about National Library Week in which I shared a video from the library where I work and got all braggy and inspiring and shit. And then at the end of the post I spontaneously decided I was going to do a new post each day this week relating to the Instagram challenge of the day. So, here I am! Day 1 and so far keeping my spontaneous promise!

Today’s challenge is to post a picture of you reading a banned/challenged book. Here’s mine:

Fun Home Banned Book Selfie

The book is Fun Home by Alison Bechdel, and it is the best graphic work I have ever read. Funny story: I haven’t blogged about Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home or Are You My Mother?, but I’ve had a Fun Home/Are You My Mother? post in my drafts for over a year. I read Fun Home like a year or two ago now and was waiting to read the second one before I did a post on it… I didn’t read the second one until January of this year. So here I am finally writing about it!

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National Library Week: Meet my library peeps!

Helloooooo!!!!!!!!!!! It’s National Library Week! WOOO!

reading rainbow library dance

Today I’m going to do something a bit different. Instead of writing about why libraries are the best, I’m going to show you a video of why libraries are the best! As you may know, I work at a public library. I also am working towards my Masters in Library and Information Science so I can be a *real* librarian one day. I pretty much adore my job, and a big reason for that is because I work with some pretty awesome peeps. Our library put together a video of why “Libraries Transform” (this year’s motto), and I’d love you all to see it. I am so incredibly proud of my workplace. Fun fact: the library where I work is the first ever library in my state (and the 3rd in the nation!) to graduate students with their high school diplomas. (The program is called Career Online High School, and our library offers scholarships to adults wanting to get their high school diplomas!)

Libraries are constantly doing incredible service for (and with) people who need it, from just offering shelter from the cold to offering reading programs for kids, free internet access, ESL programs and citizenship test prep, home delivery to those without transportation, and in many libraries, media labs where you can record video or music and edit projects with expensive hardware and software that you probably won’t have access to anywhere else. (Shout-out to the library for having iMovie so I can edit one of my final projects!) ((And yes, I’m still bragging on my library that offers all of these things.)) But even if your library doesn’t have a fancy media lab or extensive database offerings or other costly resources, libraries simply offer a safe community space for people looking to connect with their community. They can be the center for civic engagement in a community, a safe space for teens, and a hub for newcomers to learn about their new community. I just said “community” like 4 times. Also, I said earlier that I wouldn’t write about why libraries are the best, and I just spent several paragraphs writing about why libraries are the best. C’mon, Em.

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Big Announcement: The Apparating Library and Resist Readathon!

Guess what, blogaroos!? I’m doing another thing! So. Have you ever heard of the Harry Potter Alliance!? If not, you MUST go check it out, because the HPA is seriously the coolest nonprofit organization around. In short, the HPA encourages positive real-world change through fandom. For example, you know how the Order of the Phoenix fights for justice in the Potterverse? Well, the HPA fights for justice IRL and welcomes people from all fandoms to become fan activists! For instance, the Protego campaign fights for trans rights, and the Neville Fights Back campaign fights against, well, lots of stupid stuff happening in the White House right now.

AND they have a BOOK CLUB!

And AND I’m the new Co-Manager of that book club!

And and AND we’re having an AWESOME readathon!

Allow me to explain.

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