A break

Hey, blog.

I’m taking a break.

I’m sorry.

Not to you, readers. But to you, blog. Readers – I know I don’t need to apologize to you, because you are wonderful, accepting people who understand that we blog for ourselves and shouldn’t put pressure on ourselves to “please readers.” But, blog, you’re gonna gather some dust, and I am sorry.

I love you. You have been a place where I can share my often ranty, sometimes intelligent thoughts. You have been a place to discuss with others and be a little bit silly.

But, you know, sometimes there are more important things.

I discussed in my last post about how my interest in blogging has taken a sudden plummet, mostly because of new developments in my personal life. I was hoping that writing that post would get me posting again. While I did start working on a draft and still have 20+ in the folder, I just…lost interest.

However, this is definitely not goodbye, blog. This is me taking a break. I will pop up again to finish those 20-something drafts in the coming months, but blogging is no longer on my priority list. So while I will still be here, I just won’t be here as frequently.

I still felt the need to let you know that I wouldn’t be posting as often, even though I will still be around, doing a post or 2 occasionally. It felt weird slowing down without acknowledging/announcing it, so consider this my acknowledgment/announcement.

Thanks, and see you all soon.




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