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Readathon Announcements!

OMGOSH GUYS, 2 posts in less than 24 hours!? What is this magic!?


Well, this magic is the announcement of a new readathon from The Harry Potter Alliance!

As some of you may know, today, May 21st, is National Readathon Day! Woot!


But what some of you may not  know, is that on May 23rd, a new readathon begins: The Remembrall Readathon! It’s a reread of the Harry Potter series leading up to the release of the Cursed Child script on Harry’s/J.K. Rowling’s birthday, July 31st. Check it:

The Harry Potter Alliance is one of my favorite organizations – if you haven’t heard of them you absolutely must check out the amazing work they do! They have truly helped people in their quest to change the world through activism and awesomeness. And now they want to take us back to where it all began!

CLICK HERE to see the calendar of the recommended pace for rereading the Harry Potter series. I will absolutely be participating. My goal is to finish all the books I’m currently reading for National Readathon Day, so I can be ready to start the Sorcerer’s Stone on the 23rd!

Let me know if you plan to participate in either of these readathons! I will be tweeting throughout the experience on my Twitter (links in sidebar) if you want to join me!

Happy reading!


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